Northwest Youth Services


Northwest Youth Services is a non-profit organization that assists youth, particularly homeless youth or at-risk youth, to heal and gain stability via shelter, mental health services, teen court and case management.


There were two central goals, the first being to convey the services NWYS is a clear way to both youth and external parties. The second, creating an enticing and easy donation experience




This project was incredibly meaningful, and the clearer definition of the information architecture better maps out what NWYS has to offer (both to donors and youth)


I was intimidated by the many colors NWYS uses. I thought, 'Oh no, how am I going to make so many bright colors work?' since I typically work with a narrower color pallet, but I overcame the challenge by using lots of white space to allow the colors to shine without invading the eye.


Working on a project for a non-profit was rewarding. The previous version of the website hinted at the many services NWYS offers, while this one provides more detail in a digestible way.

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