Languages Point

Video I directed, "5 Reasons to Learn English Online" to promote Language Point's e-learning platform. Another video, showing the facility and its offerings, acted as the hero image of the site below.


Languages Point needed a modernized website where they could sell their English learning software, so I stepped in with my experience in WordPress and WooCommerce


The website style was dated, overly simple, and lacking eCommerce functionality.


Solo project. Completely redesigned the website on my own, with the exception of the nav menu.


  • Creating website using frontend editor (Elementor)

  • Didn't conduct user research, but included best practices according to my research

  • Created sticker sheet

  • Iteration based on owner's feedback

Note: Sorry for the fuzzy screenshots! I grabbed these screenshots during my internship @ LanguagesPoint, and the service offerings, along with the website, have since changed.

...and voila! This led to their first online sales ever!

The general scheme was as follows: Hero video with a yellow strip containing email and phone for highly visible contact info, followed by a picture of the founder with a bit about the company to establish credibility. The next portion highlighted three values, followed by their service offerings (with a picture of the Alps in the background, suggesting its localness). After, I included info on the English learning vacation packages and e-learning platform, followed by references "Dicono di noi" and blog posts.


My internship was limited to 300 hours, so I faced time constraints and wasn't able to fully finish the multilingual variants of the website. Also, since everything was made with WordPress (and not Figma or Adobe XD) it was harder to ensure the design accommodates users and is attractive, but also functional


It was rewarding to see Language's Point web traffic reach its highest peak ever and experience its first sales as a result of my designs. I learned I love design and research, but would rather outsource the actual engineering of the site since it can become complex, even with WordPress